Tablet & iPad Floor Stands

When designing our product line of Tablet Floor Stands range, we were guided by 3 main principles:

  • – Eye-catching design and Ergonomics
  • – Functionality
  • – Compatibility with majority of most popular Tablets

Tablet & iPad Floor Stand Kiosk- Floor Stand for iPad



tablet kiosk floor stand

is perfectly designed for modern interiors. Floor standing tablet holder can be installed anywhere without drilling holes. iPad kiosk floor stand features:

  • Black and White color options
  • Modular design
  • Cable is hidden inside the

    iPad floor mount

  • Easily disassembled
Tablet & iPad Floor Stand Kiosk- Floor Stand for iPad

Tablet & iPad Floor Stand Kiosk with Custom Banners



floor stands for tablets

are available with customized banners that helps promoting your brand and attracts Customers users. Multiple industries use the

floor standing iPad stands

to deliver information about products and services to potential clients in showrooms, exhibition halls, reception desks etc.

  • Banners can be installed in front and behind the tablet stand
  • Power cable is hidden inside the pole and tablet enclosure
  • Made of High-strength material
Tablet & iPad Floor Stand Kiosk with Custom Banners

Tablet & iPad Floor Stand Kiosk

iDisplay offers most flexible tablet floor stand solution that helps potential clients learn more about your Products and Services. It features:
  • Flexibility
  • Lightweight materials
  • No interference for wireless signal
Tablet & iPad Floor Stand Kiosk

Tablet & iPad Floor Stand Kiosk with Adjustable Viewing Angle


iDisplay offers an

adjustable iPad floor stand

that is most reliable and equipped with hinge mechanism, which allows changing the viewing angle. It features:

  • Hidden power supply
  • Smooth and attractive looks
  • Tablet floor mount

    suitable for all Users, regardless of height

Tablet & iPad Floor Stand Kiosk with Adjustable Viewing Angle

Design Features

We design and manufacture our products, getting inspired by the perfect design of tablets from the world’s leading manufacturers. Therefore, our

floor stand for tablet

is rightfully a ‘worthy frame’ for such modern technology diamonds such as iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

  • – Secure Enclosure
  • – Kensington Lock Slot
  • – ABS Plastic & Steel
  • – Custom Fit Kit
  • – User Access
  • – Cable Management
  • – Interchangeable Parts

Compatible with all iPads and most popular Tablets

Most of similar products in the market are compatible with a limited list of expensive tablets from leading brands such as Apple and Samsung. But iDisplay Floor Stand is favorably different. If you couldn’t find your Tablet PC in the list of Tablets compatible with our

tablet floor mount

, just select “Custom” and specify your Tablet PC model in your order, so our managers could provide you with fit kits suitable for it.

Tablet & iPad Floor Stands

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